The Most Important Letter You'll Ever Write 



Why wait to share what matters most?



What you have learned along life's journey has enormous worth and is an essential part of your legacy...beyond tangible assets. The Life Letter is for people of all backgrounds who care about sharing family history and personal lore, deeply held values, life lessons, and the intent and stories behind the causes they care about.


The Life Letter is a way to live with greater intention and meaning today as well as connecting the generations over time.


Sharing a Life Letter with family and communities is cause for celebration.


Life Letters Workshop

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Are You Ready To Be Known For Who You Truly Are and to Share What Matters Most?

This 4-week live Zoom course will teach you everything you need to write an enduring life letter. You’ll learn how to:

  • Draw the timeline of your life so far and identify its dominant themes.
  • Distill your life experience through key stories, values, life lessons, history, and more. 
  • Outline and Write your Life Letter! Typically the document is between three - twelve pages; each Life Letter, however, is unique in how it is written and presented. It can be organized as a poem, recipe book, playlist, montage, through the lens of a favorite book, the Webb Space Telescope, and more.
  • Bring in other items such as treasured notes and meaningful memorabilia. 
  • Decide how to share your document. 
  • Go forward with the peace of mind to live your values.

We'll print your Life Letter on archival quality paper, place it inside a decorative folder, and package it in a keepsake box where you can add any other special mementos for posterity, like handwritten cards, recipes, photos, cufflinks, journals, and more.


I'm Nancy Sharp

I never set out to change people's lives, but hard life experience led me to do just that. My first husband Brett had terminal brain cancer and passed away at 39 years old, when our twins weren’t even three. If only Brett had known to craft a simple Life Letter, our twins, now 21, might have a better sense of who he was and what really mattered to him. 

I am a speaker, trainer, award-winning author, and story muse. Corporate clients include the New York Life Insurance Company, Eagle Strategies, Lincoln Financial, Virginia Credit Union League, Centura Health, Dallas Bar Association, Women’s Estate Planning Council, University of Denver, American Academy of Psychotherapists, New York's 92nd Street Y, The Rose Community Foundation, and numerous other businesses and groups. I also work with private clients in every corner of the globe.


Life Letters Workshop

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Mondays in February 2023

Includes 4 Weekly Live Classes, Expert Coaching, and Keepsake Box


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Other Write Your Life Letter Offerings


Private Life Letter Coaching

We know from years of coaching clients that it's easy to sit on longstanding dreams (hello procrastination!). Starting the process of writing a life letter can feel overwhelming. Sometimes you need one-to-one support. With this $3,000 package, we will work one-to-one with you to:

  • Discuss your unique circumstances and what you want to share
  • Map out a game plan to help you reflect upon and distill your experience and wishes on paper
  • Help articulate the "why" behind your philanthropic commitments for your community and future generations  
  • Work with you to write and edit a life letter that is wholly authentic and impactful



Affiliate Relationships

Work with us to bring Life Letters workshops to your customers, clients, or donors. Popular programs that we can customize for your organization include:

  • Donor/Client recognition programs
  • Advisor team training
  • Values-based planning workshops

Schedule a free consultation to discuss your objectives.


Speaking & Training Programs

Book Nancy Sharp as your keynote speaker or trainer to facilitate a powerful experience for your team, clients, customers, or donors.  Nancy's talks are both inspirational and immediately actionable.  Popular programs include:

  • Own Your Story: Changing the Conversation about Legacy 
  • Own Your Story: Connecting the Generations through Life Letters
  • Own Your Story: When Purpose Meets Resilience 
  • Own Your Story: Reimagine the Possibilities 

Nancy programs can be adapted for large and small groups as keynotes, training programs, or breakout sessions.


Custom Life Letters Retreats

We will work with you to customize an unforgettable retreat for your team or your customers.  We work with clients in a variety of ways -- through private coaching, in groups that are part of a cohort, (e.g. families or legacy donors at a foundation), as well as training programs for corporate meetings or conferences.  Each offsite is carefully designed for your goals. Click HERE for an example of a retreat we are leading this Spring.


Ghost Writing and Editing

We specialize in helping individuals, families, and businesses share their stories as an integral part of preserving their legacies.  Each experience is customized but here's a sample list of the services we offer:  

  • Curating the individual, family, or business experience 
  • Working with you to shape the best narrative -- in the form of a Life Letter, speech, video, booklet, or memoir
  • Conducting interviews and gathering research as appropriate
  • Writing and editing your work into a finished product

We can help you showcase selected work however you choose - whether for yourself, your family, or for publication. 


"Nancy Sharp’s work with Rose Community Foundation’s legacy donors on writing their ethical wills was impactful for the participants personally, and significantly deepened their relationship with the Foundation. Through Nancy’s expert guidance and individual coaching, the participants experienced the act of transmitting values to the next generation in meaningful and intentional ways. There is no doubt that this work will enhance philanthropy both to the Rose Community Foundation, as well as in our greater Denver community."

Judy Altenberg

Rose Community Foundation

"Being in the business for over 20 years, I have seen firsthand the need for family members to create an Ethical Will, or Life Letter, to complement their Estate Planning Documents. I decided to work with Nancy myself to help me articulate my deepest values and identify the family stories that I want to share with my loved ones.  I am very excited to have a resource to recommend to clients who are looking to capture a more personal element to their estate planning."

Howard Kaplan, CIMA, MBA, AIF®

Riegel Financial Investment Services, LLC

"Nancy Sharp is a rare talent and an inspired gift. My wife and I were privileged to be part of a process she led among a dozen people in which each of us developed our own, very personal "ethical will" or words we wish to leave behind. Nancy is masterful at this craft, meeting people where they are at in their life, helping them overcome resistance and barriers, and bringing out their deepest thoughts and sentiments. She has my immense gratitude."

Eric Sondermann

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