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Nancy’s keynotes, training programs, and workshops on building and preserving legacies through storytelling and life letters (ethical wills or legacy letters) are both inspirational and immediately actionable. As a top speaker on resilience, legacy planning, retirement speaker, speaker on aging, financial services speaker, philanthropy speaker, charitable giving speaker, and for family businesses, family offices, and community foundations, Nancy teaches the tools to help audiences convey precious stories, values, lessons, and family history--the enduring wealth of their lives--to transform their lives today and connect the generations over time. 


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Nancy Sharp leads programs for large and small groups. All programs can be customized. Audiences learn how use storytelling to preserve important values, history, life lessons, and meaningful experiences. The result? Greater self-leadership | Enhanced resilience | A more creative approach to problem-solving | New clarity about wealth, purpose, and legacy | Deeper philanthropic and client engagement | Personalized legacy documents for posterity  

Reach out to Nancy directly at [email protected] or at 720.240.8300 for more specific details on programs that can best serve your needs.

Own Your Story: Changing the Conversation About Legacy 


“The only wealth which you will keep forever is the wealth you have given away,” wrote the great philosopher Marcus Aurelius sometime around 161 AD. Aurelius understood even then that true wealth is about sharing the worth of one’s life for future generations. In this rich, inspiring, and practical program, audiences learn to appreciate a more holistic view of wealth, one that includes core assets such as unique family history, values, life lessons, and meaningful stories. It’s time to change the conversation about legacy. Get ready to cast aside old myths and expand your views about the what, when, who, why, and how of sharing a legacy. Hint: Legacy isn’t about mortality; it’s about living with purpose today!

 Own Your Story: Connecting the Generations Through Life Letters


There’s a reason why life letters, or ethical wills/legacy letters, have been used for thousands of years. There is no better way to meaningfully connect the generations and transfer the wealth and worth of one’s life than through the stories, history, values, and lessons shared from one generation to the next. Learn the fascinating history behind these powerful documents and how they can be used to artfully link the generations—past, present, and future. In this engaging program, audiences learn how to start writing their very own life letters. This program can be uniquely tailored for wealth, estate, and philanthropic advisors as well as donors. 




Own Your Story: When Purpose Meets Resilience 


Why are some individuals better able to navigate stressors large and small with little disruption? How is it that some people thrive amid uncertainty and challenge while others feel paralyzed? Simply put, it's about purpose. Having a defined purpose is the key to a resilient mindset, and to moving forward amid life's challenges. In a world that is increasingly fraught and polarized, we need purpose more than ever. Learn how the three central questions from The Resilience Framework™ can position you for everyday growth and well-being.

Own Your Story: Reimagine the Possibilities


The pure and simple truth is rarely pure and never simple.
- Oscar Wilde

It's human nature to tell stories. But what happens when those "old" stories no longer serve us? In this practical, inspiring, and interactive program, we'll learn how to author a new narrative. Hint: there isn’t just one way to tell a story, one right solution. Sometimes the only way through the problem is to embrace the “both sides now” with all its inherent contradictions. We'll use The Resilience Framework™ to achieve greater self-mastery and a more creative approach to problem-solving and flexible thinking. 


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