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Both Sides Now: A True Story of Love, Loss and Bold Living


The Sky is Everywhere

A Story of Loss and Resilience


"Eloquent...and fiercely powerful."  - Kirkus Reviews

"I adore this story because it speaks to something so important in being healthy, which is resilience. Nancy could have become stuck in her sadness but decided to move forward instead." 

-Dr. Mehmet Oz 

“An unflinching memoir of love and loss and hope. Nancy Sharp’s honesty and hard-earned wisdom make this book essential reading for anyone facing adversity–which is all of us.”

-Ann Hood, New York Times Bestselling Author

Both Sides Now: A True Story of Love, Loss and Bold Living (Books & Books Press, 2014) hinges on the day Nancy Sharp delivered premature twins and learned her husband’s brain cancer returned after eighteen months in remission. In plainspoken language the story moves back through Nancy and her husband’s courtship and marriage—and forward through his death when the twins were two and a half, he was not-quite forty and Nancy was thirty-seven. Both Sides Now: A True Story of Love, Loss, and Bold Living will appeal to anyone who has experienced the death of a spouse, death of a partner, or death of a loved one.  

The final section follows the family’s move to Denver in 2006. Through a magazine feature on eligible bachelors, Nancy met, fell in love with, and married Steve, a popular television anchor turned politician as well as a widower who’d lost his wife to cancer, and was raising two sons a decade older than Nancy’s twins. Nancy gives us this hopeful ending, while also letting us into the challenges of blending the past and present at once.

  • Winner, Colorado Book Award
  • Finalist, Books For a Better Life
  • Finalist, USA Best Book Awards
  • Winner, National Indie Excellent Award
  • Winner,  CIPA EVVY Award
  • Winner, Living Now Book Award
  • Winner, Readers' Favorite International Book Award
  • Winner, American Book Fest International Book Award

"Part of my legacy is serving others whose lives have been torn by loss."  


"Own your story.  Own your life." 

Hope for Grieving Children and Families 


"Just like grieving grown-ups, grieving children naturally have questions about where the person who died has gone. This compassionate story offers a reassuring, loving answer." 

-Dr. Alan Wolfelt, Founder, Center for Loss &  Life Transition

"A warm, inviting look at the process of grief from a child’s perspective. The message offers hope, and opens a conversation about death and these aspects of the grieving process which is beneficial to children and their grown-ups.” 

-Lauren Schneider, LCSW, Clinical Director of Child and Adolescent Programs, Our House Grief Support Center

Because the Sky is Everywhere (Eleven Eleven Press, ©2017). was inspired by real conversations and dreams by Nancy Sharp’s twins. They children were three years old. Their father had died the year before, and they struggled to understand just where he was. Death of a parent is a hard enough concept for adults to grasp, but it’s all the more abstract for small children. Just like Liam, Nancy’s twins searched in obvious places around their home and neighborhood before coming to believe that their daddy might be elsewhere. They came to this realization on their own in the midst of a car ride.  

In this sensitive and tender book, Liam learns that just as the sky is everywhere, so, too, is his father's love. Because the Sky is Everywhere helps children accept that even though someone close to them dies, the love they feel can be everlasting.


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